Pretty in pink

Summertime is here, and nothing says elegant like a dash of bold colour under the sun. This hot pink dress is a must have this season, especially if you’re looking to make a great first impression. Wear it to a brunch or a cocktail party, and your curves will only be complimented with the side sweep at the shoulder. This classy dress does a lot without showing too much skin and is apt for those who aim for comfort and great style.


A lottle pop

Hey guys! I have finally got myself to start designing my own clothes and also sharing with all of you the way I style clothes

My first post is going to be on my first original masterpiece. This dress is inspired by the famous indian attire: lehenga. I decided to ditch the dupata (some call it ordni) to give it a more edgy look. I wanted this dress to depict some sort of rebellion to our traditional indian clothing for those who want to look unique and exclusive.

The use of vibrant hues gives a bold outlook on the person wearing it. The contrast in colours gel together and harmonise into creating a jovial and unexpected dress.


Photography credits: Mathew Joseph

edited9-6edited9-5edited9-8The design for the back is plain, simple, and stylish. edited9-4





Kick back to the 70’s

Thanks to Coco Chanel, stripes were born into the fashion industry in the early 1900’s earning its place in our wardrobes. Although there are various ways to rock a stripe top, nothing screams retro better than a combo with bell bottoms. To be honest, I hated bell bottoms only because they made me look shorter than I already am. But I’ve always secretly loved the style and envisioned myself wearing it with a pair of classic black heels giving me the lift in height and confidence.

For all of you out there who are weary about wearing them, try pairing it with a trusty pair of heels and watch them work their magic. To further retro-lize the look, I added on a hat, which really does pull the look together.


Confidence is an important factor if you’re trying to experiment with different style. With confidence you can make something that you feel looks odd, look really stylish. I wouldn’t say that I experimented with this outfit, but for a girl who swore by skinny jeans, I would say that i stepped out of my comfort zone with this one, which i suggest everyone should.edited4edited3edited2edited1

Photography by: Mathew Joseph

Hat: H&M – Top: Forever21 – Jeans: JayJays – Shoes: Charles and Keith