Affordable Christmas Gift Idea (Ladies Edition)

Christmas time is near, which usually means we have to brace our bank accounts and get ready to splurge out on gifts for our loved ones. But fear not, for those who are limited on cash this month, Zara has got you covered. Personally, I love myself a perfume but the abnormal sizes that some come in make it difficult to carry them around. One day, whilst on a Zara shopping spree, I found myself looking at a very pretty package on the cash counter.

These roll ons are compact, long lasting, and easy on the eye and the cherry on top is that they’re only 390 rupees! So if you have someone who loves pretty and easy to carry items, you’ve got your best buy.


Photography by me


A shot in the dark

Confessional: These pants have been hanging around in my closet for the past one year.

Disco pants are fun and crazy and depict boldness and confidence. They are so good to look at but so scary to actually wear. It took me quite a while to figure out what exactly compliments these pants; I didn’t want to just pair it with a white top cause that’s very predictable. After a considerable amount of time I found this striped crop top that somehow managed to get engaged with these disco pants and I thought it was definitely love at first sight. I paired this with white heels for a night out look but you could also just pair it with a pair of good white sneakers for a more casual look. I think the first step to becoming fashionable and open to different new ways of styling clothes is to be confident while doing so. As long as you’ve got your sas on, you’re good to go.


Photography by: Prudhvi Mitra

 Top: Jayjays – Pants: Forever 21: – Shoes: Charles and Keith


Bell sleeves with a tad bit of encouragement

Bell sleeves are a very common style nowadays and is one of those that can never go wrong. In light of this unique style, I designed a top, which included bell sleeves (but a bit larger than usual) and the fabric chosen was velvet. The reason I chose this particular material is because I felt it would give the top more texture as opposed to a plain one. Although I wouldn’t agree that the top is made to perfection, it takes me a step closer to understanding how the eventuality of my clothes should be like.

As a blogger, I feel like what I show and say should be as honest and from the heart as possible because that’s the best way for me to establish a true relationship with my viewers- and that is exactly what I am going to do. For this reason I won’t camouflage the hardships and the mistakes but make known that all of my flaws will just guide me to the place I want to be. This goes for anyone who may be finding it difficult to be at the place they want to be. Keep pushing, there’s a reason they say practice makes perfect.


Photography by: Prudhvi Mitra

30-7-17 (48 of 65)-230-7-17 (36 of 65)-2

Top: Aafee’s designs – Pants: Jayjays – Shoes: Charles and Keith


2 be or not 2 be

Hey guys! So I’m back with the most exciting post. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of the off shoulder shirts and came across a DIY on how to recreate the look.

All you’ve got to do, is unbutton those bad boys until the shirt can just about hug your shoulders. Voila, and that’s literally it for this style.

Personally, I feel like this is the best way to use the most boring shirt you have in your closet and make it the most stylish. You can adjust the buttons custom to your own liking as they make it easy for you to control how much skin you want to show.

In contrast to unbuttoning your shirt, you can even button it up all the way giving you the perfect sophisticated look. You can also pair it with a necklace to amp it up a notch.

Last but not the least, there is a trick I learnt from… actually I don’t remember who, which is to always tuck long tops into your pants to look a bit more polished. Unfortunately, tucking my tops in began to look monotonous, which is why i started tucking my tops half way making myself look poised and modish.

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These tips and tricks certainly come in handy when you see a boring old shirt hanging in your closet, begging to be worn. The best part is, they’re pretty simple to recreate. So go back to your closet, where you’ve put aside those boring shirts, and start experimenting with some of these looks! You never know, you may come up with something better!

Shirt: New look — Shoes: Charles and Keith — Pants: Jayjays — Necklace and earring set: Beary Designs


Pretty in pink

Summertime is here, and nothing says elegant like a dash of bold colour under the sun. This hot pink dress is a must have this season, especially if you’re looking to make a great first impression. Wear it to a brunch or a cocktail party, and your curves will only be complimented with the side sweep at the shoulder. This classy dress does a lot without showing too much skin and is apt for those who aim for comfort and great style.