Kuch kuch Kutch

Hello everyone,

so today i bring to you something which is very different to my usual style. I decided to purchase a ‘kutch vest’ from Safina Plaza at one of their exhibitions. Kutch is a handicraft and textile signature art tradition of the tribal community of Kutch, Gujarat. Its embroidery is traced all the way back to the 16th and 17th centuries when people from countries such as Afghanistan, Greece, Germany, Iraq, and Iran migrated to Gujarat.


Cobblers known as the ‘Mochis’ were taught this particular art form by Sufi Muslims, saints of Sindh. This art form started off as a means for the women to make clothes that fit their weather conditions, and slowly turned into a means through which they could make a living.

Designer who adapted this art form:

An indian designer: Karishma Shahani Khan, whose Pune-based label name is Ka-Sha, has chosen to work with the Rabaris of Kutch. Her work consists of contrasting textures and detailed surface treatments. She has adapted their traditional tie-dye technique, thread embroidery, mirror-work and appliqué.


This particular vest caught my eye owing to its vibrant colours and symmetric design.



I’ve paired this vest with dark blue denims and bralette. For accessories, I went with a yellow pair of earrings to keep the vibrancy of the entire outfit intact.



Since the time I’ve lived in India, Indo-Western clothing has been the most fascinating combination and always manages to look unique and well put together. It translates personality into your everyday wear.


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