A shot in the dark

Confessional: These pants have been hanging around in my closet for the past one year.

Disco pants are fun and crazy and depict boldness and confidence. They are so good to look at but so scary to actually wear. It took me quite a while to figure out what exactly compliments these pants; I didn’t want to just pair it with a white top cause that’s very predictable. After a considerable amount of time I found this striped crop top that somehow managed to get engaged with these disco pants and I thought it was definitely love at first sight. I paired this with white heels for a night out look but you could also just pair it with a pair of good white sneakers for a more casual look. I think the first step to becoming fashionable and open to different new ways of styling clothes is to be confident while doing so. As long as you’ve got your sas on, you’re good to go.


Photography by: Prudhvi Mitra

 Top: Jayjays – Pants: Forever 21: – Shoes: Charles and Keith

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