Bell sleeves with a tad bit of encouragement

Bell sleeves are a very common style nowadays and is one of those that can never go wrong. In light of this unique style, I designed a top, which included bell sleeves (but a bit larger than usual) and the fabric chosen was velvet. The reason I chose this particular material is because I felt it would give the top more texture as opposed to a plain one. Although I wouldn’t agree that the top is made to perfection, it takes me a step closer to understanding how the eventuality of my clothes should be like.

As a blogger, I feel like what I show and say should be as honest and from the heart as possible because that’s the best way for me to establish a true relationship with my viewers- and that is exactly what I am going to do. For this reason I won’t camouflage the hardships and the mistakes but make known that all of my flaws will just guide me to the place I want to be. This goes for anyone who may be finding it difficult to be at the place they want to be. Keep pushing, there’s a reason they say practice makes perfect.


Photography by: Prudhvi Mitra

30-7-17 (48 of 65)-230-7-17 (36 of 65)-2

Top: Aafee’s designs – Pants: Jayjays – Shoes: Charles and Keith

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