2 be or not 2 be

Hey guys! So I’m back with the most exciting post. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of the off shoulder shirts and came across a DIY on how to recreate the look.

All you’ve got to do, is unbutton those bad boys until the shirt can just about hug your shoulders. Voila, and that’s literally it for this style.

Personally, I feel like this is the best way to use the most boring shirt you have in your closet and make it the most stylish. You can adjust the buttons custom to your own liking as they make it easy for you to control how much skin you want to show.

In contrast to unbuttoning your shirt, you can even button it up all the way giving you the perfect sophisticated look. You can also pair it with a necklace to amp it up a notch.

Last but not the least, there is a trick I learnt from… actually I don’t remember who, which is to always tuck long tops into your pants to look a bit more polished.¬†Unfortunately, tucking my tops in began to look monotonous, which is why i started tucking my tops half way making myself look poised and modish.

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These tips and tricks certainly come in handy when you see a boring old shirt hanging in your closet, begging to be worn. The best part is, they’re pretty simple to recreate. So go back to your closet, where you’ve put aside those boring shirts, and start experimenting with some of these looks! You never know, you may come up with something better!

Shirt: New look — Shoes: Charles and Keith — Pants: Jayjays — Necklace and earring set: Beary Designs

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